don’t send me snapchats from something i wasn’t invited to you rude ass bitch

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I’ve also decided from now on that I’m going to have a new experience every day! Anything from trying new food to going somewhere or doing something completely different. I’ve already made a start today..

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Not so fuck…

So after our big fall out, me and James made up. We’re back on track and better, he’s going to America for two weeks on Wednesday. I’ll miss him but he’ll be having so much fun there that the time will fly by.

Whilst he’s away, I’m house-sitting for him and his family (white also away in Spain), I’m really excited for this, the last time I house-day here me and James were together, but this time it’s just me. I have a big country house to myself.

I’m thinking of having a few small gatherings, nothing too big, and just chilling the rest of the time.

I’ve decided to completely quit my job too, I don’t like it there and I don’t see it getting me anywhere else. That means I’ll now have a bit f free time this summer to do what I want!

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Someone please put this on a shirt and link it to me